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Build your #ShoppingAnnuity with Shop•com

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Construya su #ShoppingAnnuity con Shop•com



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Build your #ShoppingAnnuity with

Change the way people around the world shop.

Convert your spending into earning now!

How much cash back has been paid? 16 million!

Over 16 million dollars have been awarded in cash back and counting! There's no limit to what you can earn. Grow around the world by converting your spending money into earning money and success with the Shopping Annuity®. The power to change the industry is in your hands. Get everyone you know into the Shopping Annuity wheelbarrow!

What is the Shopping Annuity?

The Shopping Annuity is a revolutionary concept that helps smart shoppers convert their spending into earning through Shop•com. Unlike a typical annuity from a bank, you don't have to invest a massive amount of money to get started - your investment is what you already spend on everyday purchases. By shopping through Shop•com you can earn up to 50% cash back. Convert your spending into earning.

Watch the video below for more information.

How do I build my own Shopping Annuity?
It's simple - Just follow these easy steps to convert your spending into earning.

Step 1. Analyze your spending Examine your spending habits, by complying with the shopping assessment and the shopping adviser to identify areas where you may be missing opportunities to transfer your purchases to Shop•com and contribute to your Shopping Annuity. By regularly purchasing items through Shop•com and maintaining your Shopping Annuity, you will not only save time and money but will continue to convert your spending into earning!

How do I make the switch?
It's simple - Identify the products you can easily swap, and start earning.

Step 2. Identify additional products and make the switch - Discover what other products you could purchase through partner stores and Market America's exclusive brands that would contribute to your Shopping Annuity. The more items you can find, the more money your Shopping Annuity will pay you.

How do I automate my earning?
It's simple - Register yourself for autoship on all of your purchases.

Step 3. Automate your Shopping Annuity - Register for Unfranchise® autoship or preferred customer autoship to automate your Shopping Annuity contributions. Identify the products you purchase weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and quarterly, then set up the autoship dates so you can never run out of your favorite products again. Never miss a chance to convert your spending into earning.

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