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Build your #ShoppingAnnuity with







What is The Shopping Annuity®?

The Shopping Annuity is a revolutionary concept that helps smart shoppers convert their spending into earning through SHOP.COM. Unlike a typical annuity from a bank, you don’t have to invest a massive sum of money to get started -your investment is what you already spend on everyday purchases. Converting your spending into earning with the Shopping Annuity is a simple process that you can perform, provided you understand the basic elements: shopping, and an annuity.

Shopping Annuity Bonus Pool
Q: If I achieve over 1500 BV and/or 3000 IBV in one quarter will it roll over to the next quarter?

A: Anything over $1,500.00 USD in UnFranchise Owner purchases or Customer IBV purchases will roll over into the next quarter, as long as the UnFranchise Owner satisfies all of the requirements for that quarter. The phrase “qualified IBV purchases” refers to non-Market America IBV products, including but not limited to Partner Stores, direct partners, and One-Cart partners purchased on SHOP.COM or in connection with Shop-Buddy®. Anything over 1500 BV in BV purchases by the UFO credited to the UFO's paying ID will roll over into the next quarter, as long as the UnFranchise Owner satisfies all of the requirements for that quarter. In addition, requests to research missing partner-store orders are only allowed up to 60 Days after the Date of the order.

Note: The company cannot guarantee the absolute accuracy of the information on the UnFranchise Management System (UFMS) until the close of a commission week, which occurs two weeks after the actual weekends, due to continuous updates, adjustments, returns, and reconciliations. BV and/or IBV adjustments could affect your qualification for the SABP.

Q: What are the rewards of hitting the SABP and where we can find such details?

A: The Shopping Annuity Bonus Pool is a game-changing concept; there are many rewards in achieving the SABP. For more information click on Bonus Pool.

Q: What purchases count towards SABP?

A: You should always check the special conditions that say “non-commission-able” or “not eligible for Cashback.” In those instances, it is very likely it will not count toward the SABP as well.

Q: What are the most current Partner Stores?

A: Here you can find a list of Partner Stores by category: CLICK HERE.

Q: Where do I find Shop Buddy?


Gift Cards
Q: If you have a account and you go over the $1,000.00 limit will the overage count for the SABP?

A: Not at the present time.

Q: Can another email account be created to start another $1,000 limit on

A: There are a few different security measures in place to identify users that reach the threshold so email isn't the sole identifier. So no, if a different email is used will know.

Q: Do purchases made at collect points toward the SABP?

A: They do and they have $1,000 cap on a customer’s lifetime spending on their site. In other words, if a customer has spent more than a $1,000, whether it be before joining SHOP or after, once a customer has spent $1,000 at, it no longer will count toward the SABP.

Q: Will my purchase of a gift card from a Partner Store count towards the SABP?

A: To ensure that your purchase counts towards the SABP, please note that a majority of partners do not offer IBV or Cashback on items like gift cards. If you are going to purchase gift cards from a store, please make sure to review the special conditions for that store on the store page of SHOP.COM. These conditions will inform you of any items, like gift cards, that may be non-commission-able or not eligible for Cashback or IBV. If they are not eligible for Cashback or IBV or if we state non-commission-able, then the purchase, most likely will not count toward your SABP purchases.

Q: Where can I find gift cards that count towards the SABP?

A: Here you can find a list the preferred gift card list by clicking HERE.

Q: Where are the special conditions located for each store?

A: To access the special conditions, please go to the “All Stores” tab on SHOP.COM. Click on that link, and then you can search or pull up the store for which you would like to view the conditions. On the Store Listing page, if they have special conditions, a link is placed under the Partner Store name that displays the terms —, click on the store name and click the link under the logo “Special Conditions” to display them.

Q: When should I contact Customer Service about a missing order?

A: Please allow up to one week for your order to show. Most orders do show within 72 hours of being placed; however, there are times when a partner may be delayed in reporting sales to SHOP.COM and it could take up to a week to show. If your order is not showing after 7 days from when you placed it, please contact customer service to assist you in researching the missing order. Keep in mind that requests regarding missing orders are only allowed up to 60 days from the date of the order (90 days for TWN).

Q: Why didn’t my order track?

A: There can be a few reasons why your order didn’t correctly credit to you, but the most common reasons are: users having Spyware/Adware programs running, or users having browser settings set to block cookies. These two are the biggest reasons why orders do not track., Partner Stores use cookies to tell them that you just placed an order from SHOP.COM. Other issues could include using offer codes you received in a mailer or email that was not from SHOP.COM, or clicking an ad on another site.

Q: When will my Cash-back show up?

A: If orders are not showing within 7 days (1 week), then they users need to reach out to our customer service to submit the missing order request. Orders should be showing within 1 week.

Q: When will I get credit for my Travel purchases?

A: Travel is a unique scenario — but the travel order will count for the day you booked it; however, the IBV and Cashback will not be awarded until after you complete the stay/trip.


As a WebCenter Owner you are connected with local business owners. The process to bring a local business to SHOP.COM has a Partner Store is built right into your WebCenter. Your clients and prospects can simply fill out a form on your WebCenter to apply for to become a Partner Store.

Furthermore, WebCenter Owners can network with your clients and prospects to bring more local businesses to the ShopLocal program. Not only, will this give you more local options to fund your Shopping Annuity, but you will also earn additional IBV for all of the businesses that become ShopLocal partners.

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What is the Shopping Annuity?

The Shopping Annuity is a revolutionary concept that helps smart shoppers convert their spending into earning through Shop•com. Unlike a typical annuity from a bank, you don't have to invest a massive amount of money to get started - your investment is what you already spend on everyday purchases. By shopping through Shop•com you can earn up to 50% cash back. Convert your spending into earning money.

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