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Shopping Annuity

The Shopping Annuity® is a revolutionary concept that helps smart shoppers convert their spending into earning through SHOP.COM. Unlike a typical annuity from a bank, you don’t have to invest a massive sum of money to get started — your investment is what you already spend on everyday purchases. Converting your spending into earning with the Shopping Annuity is a simple process that you can perform, provided you understand the basic elements: shopping, and an annuity.

UnFranchise® Owners receive the highest amount of credit in the form of BV when they switch from competitor brands to their own exclusive brands. For anything else that cannot be replaced with an exclusive brand product, you’ll want to find products with the highest amount of BV and IBV to maximize your return. This is done for you in the Shopping Annuity® Assessment, or you can browse SHOP.COM for the best deals.

The Shopping Annuity® Assessment (SAA) is designed to give you an accurate look at the value of your time and spending. The more details we have, the better results and recommendations we can provide.

Your Shopping Annuity® Assessment is stored in your UnFranchise® Business Account, and you must be logged in to view it. This information is securely stored for your use and is not shared with anyone else.

The stats we share in our presentations are government statistics, and we serve them up exactly as they are stated. However, we realize that families and incomes will vary, with some being much larger and others being smaller. Whether your family size and spending are in line with the averages or not, we recommend you take the Shopping Annuity® Assessment to determine numbers that are relevant to your household size, budget and income.

When looking for projections, you can reasonably expect to build an organization of 12 on your left and 12 on your right within one year. Therefore, the Shopping Annuity® Assessment is defaulted to 12 and 12 performing the Shopping Annuity to see an estimate for what you could earn with an organization of that size.

The PowerPoint Presentation can be found on the About page.


Here you can find a list of Partner Stores by category:

To access the special conditions, please go to the All Stores tab on SHOP.COM. Click on that link, and then you can search or pull up the store for which you would like to view the conditions. On the Store Listing page, if they have special conditions, a link is placed under the Partner Store name that displays the terms. Hover over this Special Conditions link to display this information.

There are myriad reasons why SHOP.COM is not just different but superior to other cash-back programs. Some of our top benefits:

  • Store Options: We have more than 3,500 Partner Stores, SHOP Local, Travel, Marketplace and even exclusive brands to choose from.
  • Cashback Amount: We offer up to 50% Cashback while most other sites average only around 2% – 5%.
  • Comparison Shopping: Not only do we pay you to shop; we also save you time by helping you find the best deals for the products you want.
  • ShopBuddy: Shops with you even when you leave our site, to help you find the best deals and coupon codes and earn Cashback even when you don’t go to SHOP.COM first.
  • Tech & More: SHOP.COM provides multiple tools and apps that you can use to make shopping more convenient and profitable, including Price Alerts, Trend Shops, Buying Guides, Gift Registries, Shop Box, Hot Deals and more.
  • Profit Sharing: We offer the opportunity to partner with SHOP and earn supplemental income when you build an UnFranchise Business.

Visit your Cashback account under My Account. If you meet the Cashback requirements, a "redeem now" link will display below your Cashback total.


There can be a few reasons why your order didn’t credit to you, but the most common reasons are:

  • Spyware/adware programs running.
  • Browser settings set to block cookies.
  • Store Terms: For example, some Partner Stores will not award credit for gift card purchases. Check stores’ terms and conditions.
  • External Coupon Codes: Don’t use coupon codes that you receive or find outside SHOP.COM. External coupon codes can easily prevent Cashback from counting for your purchase.
  • Search Engine Ads: Watch out for Google Ads and others on your favorite loyalty sites. Those links by Google and others are not eligible to receive Cashback and are outside the Cashback/loyalty rewards programs.
  • Last Click Tracks the Sale: After clicking from your favorite SHOP.COM Partner Store, do not click on other ads from other sites.

If orders are not showing within 7 days, users need to reach out to our Customer Service Department to submit the missing order request. Orders should show within one week.

Travel is a unique scenario — but the travel order will count for the day you booked it; however, the IBV and Cashback will not be awarded until after you complete the stay/trip.

A Shopping Trip ID is a unique number that lets us know that you left SHOP.COM to visit a Partner Store. This lets us know each and every visit you make to our Partner Stores by date and time.

Click on your name, and then My Account. You can view your online shopping trips, order source, shopping trip ID, Cashback, and IBV status and trip date. You can click on the Shopping ID to submit an inquiry about that trip.

Please allow up to one week for your order to show. Most orders show within 72 hours of being placed; however, there are times when a partner may be delayed in reporting sales to SHOP.COM and it could take up to a week to show. If your order is not showing after seven days from when you placed it, please contact our Customer Service Department to assist you in researching the missing order. Keep in mind that requests regarding missing orders are only allowed up to 60 days from the date of the order (90 days for Taiwan).


A social currency, or point value, assigned to exclusive Market America products.

A social currency, or point value, assigned to Partner Store products.

BV and IBV accumulate and when they reach specified criteria, commissions are earned through the Management Performance Compensation Plan (MPCP).

Market America Worldwide provides systemization, standardization, state-of-the-art management systems, merchandising and marketing tools, growing visibility and the opportunity to own multiple business locations. UnFranchise Owners follow a detailed Plan and are provided a SHOP.COM website, products, services and marketing materials. The company handles shipping and distribution. In addition, most of the administrative and operational duties of an UnFranchise Business are handled by Market America Worldwide. UnFranchise Owners leverage these and many other resources, so they can focus on serving their customer’s needs and create a lucrative business and financial security for themselves.

The Shopping Annuity Assessment is an online tool that identifies an UnFranchise Owner’s time value, as well as what they are already spending that could be redirected into their UnFranchise Business and SHOP.COM. The results of the Shopping Annuity Assessment are used to recommend exclusive brands, Partner Stores and other products that could be used to fund the UFO’s Shopping Annuity. The assessment also allows the UFO to estimate their Shopping Annuity at maturity, when UnFranchise Owners within an organization implement the Shopping Annuity.

The Global Meeting, Training and Seminar System offers certified trainings around the world and online for UnFranchise Owners to learn business-building techniques.

The Shopping Annuity is a revolutionary concept that helps smart shoppers Convert Spending into Earning® through SHOP.COM.

An UnFranchise Owner who has completed the Shopping Annuity Assessment and is on the way to creating supplemental income.

An UnFranchise Owner who truly converts their spending into earning, which when duplicated creates a forced multiplier that creates the potential to earn supplemental income with fewer people in their organization. There are criteria that need to be completed each quarter to achieve and retain SAMM status.

A SHOP.COM Preferred Customer enjoys the following benefits: up to 50% Cashback on eligible purchases, discount coupons, order status and history, saved payment options and addresses, exclusive emails, and more.