Creating the Economy of the Future

The Shopping Annuity® is creating the economy of the future. Traditional ad dollars are being reallocated because of how people consume content today. SHOP.COM Partner Stores have guaranteed advertising. They compete on our site to provide the best products at the best prices to our loyal customers and only pay a commission when a sale is made.

Online stores will soon experience what physical stores are experiencing, in what has been dubbed “The Retail Apocalypse.” As stores migrate to online, they will be selling similar products and will have to compete for the lowest prices to win the customer. This will cause a collapse like we are experiencing with stores today — the margins will be driven so low that it will force many companies out of business.

There are multiple options for participating as a merchant or vendor:

Partner Store

When you join the SHOP.COM Marketplace, you're becoming part of a powerful network that lists your products and provides you access to multiple sales and marketing channels.The web, mobile apps, social media and more…it's all here to help you build and continue valuable customer relationships.

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Advertise on SHOP.COM

With so many options for advertising your business, it can be difficult to decide which way to go. But when you learn about our SHOP.COM site, that decision gets a whole lot easier — with access to world-class marketing and customer service, reports, an account manager, and your own integration specialist.

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SHOP Local

Have an offline business or service? Learn how you can get access to our over 6 million loyal customers and 180,000 UnFranchise® Owners who can help drive customer acquisition and transactions to your business.

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